Por and Para

for, for what, from, because of, so as to

Por and para are often difficult for new students. Below you will find the rules and uses along with sample sentences illustrating their proper use.

Por Uses
  • Por expresses an exchange
  • Por is used for transportation and communication
  • Por can be used with estar and an infinitive verb
  • Por can be used as a synonym of 'atraves de'
  • Por is used in math
  • Por is used for velocity
  • Por is used in certain idioms
  • Por is used to indicate a motive or cause
  • Por is used to express a period of time
Para Uses
  • Para is used to indicate a purpose or reason
  • Para is used to indicate a destination
  • Para is used to indicate a future time
  • Para is used when describing what something is used for
  • Para can be combined with an infinitive verb to create a synonym of 'pesar de' (in spite of)