Spanish Expressions
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Spanish Expressions

Learn some new Spanish expressions and sayings here at

We have put together a list of common Spanish expressions that you might hear everday. The list can help you translate some expressions that are not easy to translate literally.

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Spanish Expressions

To be worthwhile

Valer la pena

To take a stroll

Dar una vuelta

At least

Por lo menos

At any rate

De todas maneras


Sin querer

Have a good time

Pasar un buen rato

Pay attention

Hacer caso

To ruin

Echar a perder

As much as

Tanto como


Mientras tanto

To be nosy

Meterse uno en lo que no le importa

To agree

Estar de acuerdo

To be to blame

Tener la culpa

To be necessary, to miss

Hacer falta

Soon, in a little while

Dentro de poco

From bad to worse

De mal en peor

To pity

Dar lastima


Sin remedio

As soon as

Tan pronto como

Rather or better

Mejor dicho

Face to face

Frente a frente

To pull one’s leg

Tomar el pelo

Without fail

Sin falta

To be right

Tener razón

At last

Por fin

To a certain extent

Hasta cierto punto

To anger

Dar rabia

How embarrassing

Que pena, Que vergüenza

Out of date, out of fashion

Pasado de moda

No afraid to open his/her mouth

No tiene pelos en la lengua