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Spanish For Noobs

Spanish For Noobs

Windows Phone App (WP8 Shown)

Do you place an 'o' on the end of an English word hoping to make it sound Spanish?
Do you only know "Dos cervezas por favor."?
Do you pronounce the "h" in "hola"?
Do you believe that in Mexico they speak "Mexican"?

Sorry but you must be a Spanish Noob. Don't worry though! Our Spanish for Noobs Windows Phone App is here.

Start at the very beginning by picking up some basic vocabulary and phrases. When you're ready read up on some introductory Spanish grammar for beginners.

In no time you'll be watching Colombian Telenovelas!

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"Great for beginners." MICHEAL

"I really like it so far....but I just started." Karen

"Very good app" kakita0831

"Get app..definite buy if u are just starting Spanish or if u have taken it before and need to review" DTP URBANLEGEND

"Sweet. This is the best app I have found yet for learning Spanish. Very well done." Way2BExtreme

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