The Verb Gustar

The verb gustar is used to express the idea of 'liking' something or someone. The key to correct use is to think of it in terms of that something or someone being pleasing to me, you, us or them.

Present Tense
The verb 'gustar' changes to 'gusta' when referring to one person or thing that pleases in the present tense.

gustar --> gusta
When referring to two or more things that please then the verb 'gustar' changes to 'gustan'.

gustar --> gustan
Gustar is always preceded by an indirect object pronoun (me, te, le, nos, os, les).

Gustar when referring to one person or thing

me gusta

I like

te gusta

you like (informal)

le gusta

he/she likes, you like (formal)

nos gusta

we like

os gusta

they like (informal)

les gusta

they like (formal)


Me gusta el helado.

I like ice cream.

¿Te gusta la pelicula?

Do you like the movie?

¿Le gusta correr?

Does he like to run?

Nos gusta visitar el museo.

We like to visit the museum.

¿Les gusta el fútbol?

Do they like soccer?

Gustar when referring to multiple people or things

me gustan

I like

te gustan

you like (informal)

le gustan

he/she likes, you like (formal)

nos gustan

we like

os gustan

they like (informal)

les gustan

they like (formal)


Me gustan los perros.

I like dogs.

¿Te gustan las motos?

Do you like the motorcycles?

¿Le gustan los dulces?

Do you like the candies?

Nos gustan los licuados.

We like the smoothies.

¿Les gustan las ensaladas?

Do they like the salads?

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