Vocabulary For Telling Time in Spanish
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Expressions Telling Time in Spanish

When your telling time you often need some extra vocabulary to help you out. Below we've added some Spanish vocabulary to help you put together some Spanish sentences.

If you haven't looked through the rules and examples feel free to go to those pages first.

Expressions for Telling Time in Spanish

A la madrugada

At dawn, very early

A última hora

At the last moment

Al amanecer

At sunrise

Al atardecer

At sunset


Day before yesterday

De la noche a la mañana


De vez en cuando

Once in a while

Dentro de poco

In a little while

Desde que

Ever since

Después de


En adelante

From now on

En cuanto

As soon as

Hasta la fecha

To date

Pasado mañana

Day after tomorrow

Poco a poco


Por ahora

For now

Por fin

At last

Por primera vez

For the first time

Tan pronto como

As soon as

Todavía no

Not yet

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