Vocabulary For Telling Time in Spanish
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Telling Time in Spanish

Learning how to tell time in Spanish is not very difficult. Start off by learning the basic rules for telling time in Spanish below.

After you've mastered the basic rules continue on to learn some vocabulary, examples and expressions used when talking about time.

Rules for Telling Time


Use "Es la" with one o'clock

Es la una

Es la una

It is one o'clock.


Use "Son las" with all other hours

Son las siete

Son las siete

It is seven o'clock


To indicate the quarter hour use "cuarto". The main difference is instead of saying it is quarter to eleven, in Spanish you would say "son las once menos cuarto" or it is eleven minus a quarter.

Son las nueve y cuarto.

Son las nueve y cuarto

It is quarter past nine.

Son las once menos cuarto.

Son las once menos cuarto

It is quarter to eleven.


To indicate the half hour use "media".

Son las cuatro y media.

Son las cuatro y media

It is four thirty.