Negative Words in Spanish
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Negative Words

Are you tired of saying yes all the time to everything in Spanish? Maybe it is time to learn how to say no!

Listen to the correct pronunciation, learn a few sample sentences using the vocabulary, print out the vocabulary.

Negative Words in Spanish

Disagree with something? Learn how to express your negativity with Spanish vocabulary.


No, not


No one, nobody


Nothing, not anything


Never, not ever


Never, not ever




None, not any


Neither, nor



Rules & Examples

Negative Words

All negative words in Spanish have a word or expression before the verb.

Nadie canta en la fiesta.

Nobody sings at the party.

No quiere a nadie.

He doesn't like anyone.


The negative word 'no' is used only before the verb, never after.

No quiero comer.

I don't want to eat.

Nunca, ninguno, nadie, nada and tampoco

These are negative words that can be used before or after the verb.

Tampoco puedo dormir.

Nor can I sleep.

¿Has comido nunca algo tan picante?

Have you ever eaten something so spicy?


When 'nadie' is the object of the verb, it is preceded by the preposition 'a'.

No encuentro a nadie.

I can't find anyone.

A nadie encuentro.

I can't find anyone.

Alguno, ninguno

Prior to a singular masculine noun 'alguno' and ninguno' omit the final 'o' and add an accent. (algún, ningún)

Algún día viajare por avión.

One day I will travel by plane.

Ninguno, ninguna

The negative words 'ninguno' and 'ninguna' are always used in singular form, even when referring to more than one object.

Ningún hombre es bueno.

No man is good.

Ninguna computadora es eficiente.

No computer is efficient.

Nadie, nunca, jamás, nada

These are used after comparative words.

Mi esposa cocina mejor que nadie.

My wife cooks better than anyone.


Nadie only refers to people.

No vi a nadie en el cine.

I didn't see anyone in the cinema.

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