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Learn the rules and uses of different tenses and moods in Spanish including verb conjugation and sample sentences

Spanish Tenses and Moods

Spanish Present Tense

Spanish Preterite Tense

Spanish Imperfect Past Tense

Spanish Future Tense

Spanish Imperative

Spanish Conditional

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Spanish Vocabulary by Category

About is full of free Spanish language learning materials for all levels and all ages.

Children learning Spanish will love our free vocabulary lists. Download them in PDF format for later reference.

Listen to the pronunciation of words and phrases. Virtually all of our introductory vocabulary has audio files that will let you listen to a native Spanish speaker pronounce the words and phrases in Spanish.

Have fun with crossword puzzles, word searches or matching activities. Check back often as we are always adding new ones to the growing list.

Teachers are free to download and use any of our free Spanish language material in their classrooms.